about us
We are an non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to Families In Crisis who have experienced the loss of their son or daughter in an abrupt and tragic death. The Foundation is focused on ensuring that every family has their basic needs met despite their financial status.

The Larry Bernard Pitts, II Foundation for Families In Crisis Inc. was established to provide financial resources for families in temporary hardship situations. Emergency support will be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. The focus of this foundation will be to provide shelter, food, clothing, funeral arrangements, mortgage or rent payment, grief counseling, medical bill assistance, educational assistance for students in need, and other supports to help families get through unexpected and difficult times. The second focus of this organization is to provide scholarships to student and families not able to afford college expenses. Funds will also be granted to other nonprofit corporations whose goals are in harmony with those of Larry Bernard Pitts, II Foundation For Families In Crisis, as stated above.

The Larry Bernard Pitts, II Foundation vision is to reduce the stress and financial burden faced by families who are experiencing a crisis due to an unexpected tragedy or hardship situation.


Larry Bernard Pitts, II Foundation For Families In Crisis, Inc.
Status 501 (c) (3) December 2006 Ruenell Grier, CEO